Clear Land is a Ranch, Farm, Commercial & Residential Property land Clearing Company located in Princeton Texas.

Clear Land  provides economical, safe, efficient, and reliable services to North East including a complete range of land clearing services, unpaved road building and maintenance services, and also a variety of other skid steer and farm tractor services. Please visit our Services page for a complete list and contact us for additional information.

Our machinery for land clearing includes mulchers, tree shears, and Limb Beavers. These enable us to drastically reduce clearance times, felling  trees in a matter of minutes and mulching dense brush in seconds.

We can transport timber and mulch direct from site to your chosen point of delivery, or alternatively, we can simply spread or stockpile the mulch on site.

Our specialty is mulching biomass to remove all stumps roots, leaving a seedbed finish for pastures, farms, developments, or creating pathways for hunting or recreational purposes.

If you want to do selective thinning for a park or total clearing for a new home, highway, development or right-of-way, we have the tools to efficiently accomplish the job. 

Free Land Clearing Assessments and Consultations

Clear Land offers free consultations. We are always happy to provide you with recommendations and photographs of completed jobs.  We also encourage you to explore our website and to find out more about our other services. We stay on your job site until our contractual obligations are met to your full satisfaction.

Please feel free to use our Land Size Job Calculator to help you estimate the area of sections of land you need cleared.

To speak to one of our staff call Clear Land at 469-636-9492.