Job Land Area Calculator

Use the below Job Area Estimator to estimate the size of the land you desire cleared:

This calculator has been disabled in favor of using ​Google maps which now has the native ability through its standard web interface to easily calculate distances in feet and meters and areas in square feet and square meters. Google maps resulting square feet estimates are easily converted to acres by dividing 1 acre per 43,560 square feet.

To use Google Maps' distance and area calculator, right click on a point on a google map and select "measure distance" from the drop down menu. Click on successive points to get incremental distance estimates and click on the initial chosen point to get a resulting area calculation. Right click and select "clear measurement" to start over.


Enter your starting address into the below Address bar.
  * Zoom in or out as desired.
  * Place an initial point marker on the map by clicking somewhere on the outside border of the area you need cleared.
  * Click on subsequent vertices of your area to add additional boundary points.
  * The last marker may be deleted with the "Clear Last Point" button.
  * Record the square feet, acres, and /or square miles of the resulting figure.
  * Take a screen snapshot for your records if desired using your computer's screen snapshot function.
  * Use the control buttons to modify your work:
        - Zoom to Fit button will zoom the map display to the size of your current area selection
        - Clear Last Point button will remove the last boundary point you added to the map
        - Clear Area button will clear the entire area selection
        - Edit Area button will allow you to drag and reposition individual boundary points.
   * Complicated job clearing areas may need to be broken down into two or more individual areas, and added together to get the entire job resulting area.
   * Please call Clear Land at (469) 636-9492 if you need assistance or have any questions.