Tree Shearing

Low Environmental Impact

Like mulching, tree shearing is also an environmentally friendly land clearing method. In fact, for clients with a smaller budget, tree shearing can be the cheapest option, as long as the client is willing to handle tree piles.

Tree shearing is fast, but leaves tree piles which must be managed.

Clear Land uses an M&M Hydra 16 feller bunching tree shear to cut trees off just below ground level eliminating tree stumps which can be a vehicle hazard and can also harm cattle hooves. Trees up to 16" in diameter can be easily cut and carried. Even larger trees can be cut with multiple shearing passes. The size of trees that can be cut depends on the tree's weight and height, as well as on the local terrain condition and grade and the current wind conditions.

Clear Land can run fence lines and cut and remove trees in front of or behind fences, and can cut and remove above fences trees which are grown into/embedded into fence post and fence line structures.

Cut trees are placed onto large tree piles. Several smaller trees can be cut, simultaneously bunched together, and then placed onto tree piles.

Tree shearing is one way to adhere to the BLM's Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Land clearing should consider ecological impacts along with aesthetics and finances.  Poor land clearing practices result in scarred land, detrimental erosion and undesirable invasive flora.  We can help you maintain the BLM's BMPs to produce the highest ecological, aesthetic, and financial outcomes for your client property.  

Tree Shearing Options

There are several options for handling the tree piles produced by tree shearing: